Friday, October 12, 2012

I saw a gargoyle today.

So today I was all up and at 'em kind of early, I felt like getting some errands done before noon so I figured I'd just head off after dropping Brooke at school.  I was kind of in a shitty, downish mood and I need a dress for a wedding that we're going to in two weeks.  Two weeks!  The countdown is officially on, my husband's brother Jonathan will be getting married in South Carolina (oh! hey Pam!).  Aw.

Jonathan is the youngest of my husband's brothers.  No wait, make that the second youngest.  Because Alex's dad got remarried and re-had a few more kids with his second wife.  Since they live so far away, we don't see them much.  Like honestly, we've really only seen his little brother and sister a handful of times, which is kind of sad.  Also, Alex's youngest  siblings are like, younger than Megan, so you know, that is kind of different.

So where was I... right.  I needed to do errands.  On my errands list was running into Eddie Bauer, because so far on my quest for the jeans that make me look the least disgusting, they are number one.  I hate shopping for myself.  I hate dressing rooms and trying on things.  I hate that things don't ever look nice on me.  Which leads me to the dress that I need.  I hate dresses too.  I have like, no idea what to wear to this wedding.  It's down south, and apparently kind of casual.  But not like, pants casual I'm sure.  Which mean skirt or dress.  Ugh.  What does one wear to a southern fall fairly causal wedding anyway??

So I went into Target to kill some time, because I got to the stores too early.  They don't open til like 9:30 or 10.  And really, who passes up an opportunity to go into Target for a few minutes?  I did need to pick up some Tide.   Apparently I can go into that place needing a tub of laundry detergent and a case of seltzer, and come out with $164 worth of stuff that wasn't even remotely on my list.   I'm trying to think of what the eff I bought that would add up to $164.  Hm.  It didn't seem like my shopping basket was overflowing or anything.  

So anyway, while I was ambling through the aisles of Target, my husband texted me to see if I wanted to meet him at this salvage place kind of nearby.  And you know, the text made me feel like I was so over shopping, so I said I was in.  Forget the freaking dress, and forget the quest for the stupid best jeans ever.  I was sick of being there.  

We are in the process of buying this little cottagey house on a lake up northish, and we have some cool ideas for making some changes.   We kind of want an old-timey vintagey look, and we're looking to get some salvaged stuff.  I absolutely love those kinds of places.  I could seriously spend hours poking around looking at things.  The first place we went to had more current-type salvaged things.  Some a little bit older, but mostly nothing we're interested in.  Well, except for this massive, cool cast enamel kitchen sink top.   I want that thing.

The second place we went to was way more my style.  The first think I noticed when we were walking up to the door, which was surrounded by old yard things like benches and tables and chairs and fountainy things, was a gargoyle.  Alex asked me if I wanted it and I was all, no way!  I can't have a gargoyle in my yard!  Those things are scary.  They make me think of the hunchback of Notre Dame, and not the cartoon version.

So we went in and I thought I might be in heaven.  This place was gigantic and filled and overflowing with stuff.  My kind of stuff.  Reclaimed fixtures, lights, chandeliers, just these amazing amazing old light fixtures.  And wood and posts and beams and wainscoting from old barns and houses.  Doors, moldings, oh man just everything.  It was actually a snitch overwhelming.  I think we need to go in with like, a clear purpose, which we can't exactly do until the papers are signed and we actually own the cottage.

So it was a fun detour.  And I got to avoid the horrifying dressing room mirrors for another few days.  And now we know exactly where to get a gargoyle if we ever need one!  Happy Friday guys!

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  1. WHERE in SC will you be?!?! Close to Charleston?????????? Let me know!!! I can't even remember what else you said in this post- I'm so excited!