Thursday, October 25, 2012

back but holy travel, I'm out again tomorrow

So I went to CA to meet up with my sister and friend for a few days.  It was really fun, we did some stuff that I didn't do last time I was in California, had some good eats, checked out some cool sights, did a little shopping.  Those guys walked my face off - I even had a blister!  Sheesh.  Thankfully I am highly prepared at all times and I had a band-aid.  As well as pretty much anything else I could possibly need, just in case.  My packing for basically three days away was ridiculous.  It always is.

I have a packing problem.  I'm a packaholic.

All in all, good get-away.  This one wasn't super planned though, I just kind of tagged along with my sister and jumped in on her get-away.  Not sure where I'll go next - I'm thinking Seattle, maybe UT.  I am pretty much planning on going to Denver in January for a wedding, maybe I will extend that stay... who knows?

Speaking of weddings, that's where we're going tomorrow.  We're going to South Carolina for a wedding, flying out tomorrow morning.  It'll be nice to see some of Alex's family, which doesn't happen very often, but it is going to be a pretty quick visit.  We're flying home on Sunday.

Man, I feel like I've barely seen my kids at all this week!!  Boo to that.  Kara and her boyfriend are coming home to babysit, so that'll be nice.  I like when they're here.

So anyway, I may not be checking in til next week or so.  Maybe I'll have some time to do a post tomorrow, not sure, but if not, happy weekend!

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  1. are you running away from home?
    i wanna come too!