Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Text conversations I have with my husband v3

Me:  Hey.

Husband: A dollar makes me holler, Honey Booboo.

Me: Weirdo.

Me:  What will five dollars make you do?

Husband:  Never been asked that before.  Hmmm.

Husband:  Run around the house naked with a wiener lasso?

Me: Darn it!  I only have two bucks on me.

Husband:  Your loss!

And I ask again, is everyone else's husband a 12 year-old boy disguised as a grown up?


  1. So proud to call you both my parents.

  2. Haha @ Kara!

    And yesterday when he answered the phone at the office, I sang, "Five dolla' foot looooong." He replied, "Well, I've only got about four dollars and twenty cents."