Monday, November 5, 2012

monday listicle - Ten Memories

For the Monday Listicle at The Good Life, Ten Memories From a Not So Distant Past:

Thanks KB

1.  Watching my little Brookie's goldie hair flying behind her as she rode her two-wheeler, smiling hard with her little bare legs furiously pumping on a bright sunny day, she was so proud that she was finally doing it by herself.

2.  Smiling to myself listening to Megan singing with gusto to some old Morrissey in the car.  I love that kid.

3.  A snack pack that my husband made for me, complete with a stick figure drawing on the front of the brown paper bag.  He makes me laugh. 

4.  Feeling so small and melancholy, just looking out the window of the airplane, watching the buildings and trees and houses and people of San Francisco grow smaller and smaller, until they just faded into flat grey clouds.  Like they were never there at all.

5.  Hearing my brother-in-law's nervous voice shake a little as he read his vows to his new wife.  Emotional and sweet.

6.  Accidentally, inappropriately hysterically laughing in someone's face over something that was not even very funny.

7.  Feeling cozy and warm and good in my big deep tub on a cold fall day.

8.  Hugging my biggest kid hard and helping her pack some boxes for a big move from Queens to Brooklyn.

9.  My teen-aged boy genuinely thanking me for being there at all of his soccer games.  I love when he notices and appreciates the things that I do.

10. Shivering and cold, sipping an icy Horchata and eating a yummy fajita while watching a strange Ben Stiller movie.  Kind of looking around, wishing for time to wait, and just stand still for a little while longer and let me just have that moment for as long as possible.

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  1. aww love the memory of bike riding. It's amazing to watch when it finally just clicks for them!

  2. Wonderful vignettes. I'm like you -- I don't fly that much so when I do, I'm always struck by how vast the country is. All those little towns and big cities and everyone with their own lives. Does make it seem small and big at same time.

  3. What a wonderful list of precious memories. Makes me feel all warm inside. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This post was so genuine. I really liked reading your list. Glad you shared it.

  5. So heartfelt. Love the photo and sentiment of your little girl bike riding.

  6. Wonderful memories! I loved reading all of them

  7. A kid who sings Morrissey is a keeper. Sweet memories! Ellen

  8. These made me all toasty and happy and giggle inside. I have been a bit blue this weekend so this list is a perfect antidote. And I love this photo so I have a feeling I will love your list of photos from our phone :) ( will do it in a week Ok?)