Monday, November 26, 2012

recent random phone pics and baby names

Today's Monday Listicle on The Good Life is ten photos from your cell phone.  I have so many photos from my cell phone.  It often surprises me what decent pictures a phone can actually take, quality-wise.  Not that these are an example of that.    So anyway, here are a random recent bunch:

The "note" I found on the counter the other day. My husband definitely gets me.

Dinner with my cutie girls in the city

fuzzy face photo

Black "Thursday night" on the electronics line

How Ty does Black Friday (hangover) shopping

Post bath snuggle

First time rock climber in CT

JJ, my friend's adorable bald man baby, looking all filled with wisdom

Turkey Trotters
(Julian & Brooke)

Some of my Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving weekend annual B-Ball challenge - boys against dads
(Alex, Will & Kieran)
As far as names we considered for our kids:

I knew Kara was going to be a girl, so I didn't think of any boy names.  I was positive I was going to name her some version of Alex, but I didn't like the way girl Alex long names (Alexis, Alexandra, etc) sounded.  I really, honestly didn't know I could have just named her Alex - I was so young and such a dummy.  So in the hospital, the girl in the next bed was talking about how her friend just named her new baby Kara, and it just sort of felt right to me.  So Kara Elizabeth it was.  ELizabeth was after my Dad's mother.

Little Alex we always pretty much knew would be Alex, named after his Dad, who was named after his dad.  So he is a third.  I threw out the name Tighe (like Ty, but an Irish spelling), but that never happened.

Megan was my worst naming event.  We could not even come up with a name for her.  In fact, she was actually Julia for two days in the hospital before we came home, but I frantically changed it because she so didn't look like a Julia at all.  Then Alex picked Megan, which I didn't love but felt pressured to go with.  He kept saying, "Can't you picture a little Meg B running down the soccer field with a ponytail?"  And I was thinking, "I guess..."  Meg B does not love soccer, but she does wear a ponytail.  Her name grew on me after a year or so - it seriously took that long!

Naming Brooke was easy.  When we knew she was a girl, I picked Brooke  Allison.  Her middle name is after my sister Ali.  I considered Meredith, and I still have it as a back up for another baby.  Not that we're going there, but I still like it.  If she was a boy, we were tossing around Eli, Henry or Ari.  Henry for Alex's grandpa, Ari after my dad, and Eli just because it was cute.


  1. 26, 2012 at 3:42 PM

    Picture #1 is ridiculously cool. I actually love all the pics though. And I really appreciate the back stories on the names. So fun. i love that kind of stuff. Erin

  2. Such great pictures and thanks for the great topic! You are the first person who did both! Love the names too.

  3. Loved the topics, thanks girl! Your hubby is a real sport, shopping all Friday! And I love the stories behind your kids names. Because Kara is 'all grown up' I can tell you her name really suits her.