Friday, January 18, 2013

nada. seriously.

Friday Five:

I've spent a lot of this day doing nothing much.  Do you ever have days like that?  I mean, I of course did regular things, like laundry and opening mail, straightening up and stuff, but other than that, nothing much at all.  WooHOO!  The life of a stay-at-home mom with no kids home to mother is soooooo exciting.  I might actually really need a job.  Or something.

I just kind of padded around the house aimlessly for some reason.  I did watch last night's episode of Vampire Diaries on my computer though.  Because somehow, somehow it got bumped from the DVR.  Nobody will confess to such a crime though.  Scary me comes out when my DVR is messed with.  That DVR is very important to me, and I am not a happy girl if something I expect to be recording is mysteriously not there.  Can you blame me though?  I came in after a nice night expecting to sit down with a lovely little special treat and catch up on a few shows, and Vampire Diaries was nowhere to be found!  I was like, what the actual fuck, man.

So I got over it of course.  But only because I knew that I could watch it today on the computer.

It's actually been kind of a stressful week, mentally.  It'll be nice to have a long weekend to just hang and have nothing on the agenda.  Which is kind of like an average week around here, but just with the kids and fam kicking around to entertain me.

I'm apologizing to the general public about this lame, nothing-but-filler-words post, but I just don't have anything super important to say.  Or what I do have to say that's kind of interesting or important is probably not for the general public's viewing pleasure.  Sorry.

Happy weekend guys.  I'll be back Monday, large and in charge, and crazy interesting.  So interesting that you'll want to comment like mad!  Promise.


  1. Don't apologize! When I have nothing to write about, I write nothing. Have to say I really enjoyed your writing here. I thought, "Wow, she's got nothing going on, but this is still a fun piece."
    When i have nothing going on it's:
    over at my place. Write on, sister. ;)

  2. I hope you ended up with a wonderful weekend!