Friday, January 11, 2013

a combo! friday five and fill in the blank

Today's Friday Five is a combo: five-ish minutes of five fill in the blank type questions.

The first thing I remember buying with my own money was: red Swedish fish at the penny candy store in my town.  We'd walk a few streets over to this little place called The Little Store, where there were bins of penny candy, and other convenience type things, like milk and bread and stuff.  They had those peanut butter taffy candies called Mary Janes I think (not that kind of Mary Jane you stoners).  Remember those things?  The Swedish fish were always my favorite.  A man we called "Uncle George" was the owner.  He was a patient guy - we'd come in with like, a dollar in pennies, and he'd have to count out a hundred of those fish.

One story that my family always tells about me is: how I tied my sister Ali up and threw her in a closet, traumatizing her to claustrophobia for the rest of her life.  She claims that I tied the rope in such a way that if she moved, it tightened.  In my defense, I'm pretty sure she wanted to play Houdini.  Who was I to say no?

The last time I was nervous was: last week, going to Colorado for my cousin's wedding.  The travel part doesn't make me nervous at all, it was the socializing that made me nervous.  I didn't know a good portion of the people there, and there were also some people there that I hadn't seen in a long time.  Sadly, social situations almost always make me nervous.

The thing I miss most about being a kid is: freedom to live life with very little stress hanging over my head.  Even though things were often precarious financially when I was little, I never knew that, and I just lived life every day without worrying about things like mortgages and car loans and having enough money for dinner.

The last movie, TV show or book that made me cry or tear up was: The Biggest Loser.  I'm such a sappy baby.  I hate when other people cry and have things that make them sad, and I hate when people are mean to other people.  I think one of the kids was talking about how some kids at school made rude comments when she walked by about her weight, and her eyes filled with tears when she was talking about it - which made my eyes fill.  Why are people so mean sometimes? 


  1. You know I'm the same way in social situations. I guess I'm never really going to get over it. My aunt is the best in those situations. She can make small talk with anyone/everyone, anywhere/everywhere. Maybe I just don't care enough about what they have to say or maybe I think small talk is a waste of time. I don't know. But I'm not comfortable talking to people I don't know. Makes you wonder how I ever got to know anyone. LOL Houdini? I think one of my brothers wanted to play that once. Hahahaha

  2. Houdini!! HA! I once tied my sister to a tree and left her there--she tried to rub up and down like in them indian movies, and got a raw arse for it. (tee hee) In my defense, she had locked me in a chicken coop for four hours the day before. Little shit. (it was only four feet tall so I had to squat in chicken poo for hours while they pecked at me....dear Lord, it still freaks me out to think about that)