Friday, January 4, 2013

Pink? wtf

Friday Five.
4:44, Denver time 

I flew into Denver yesterday for a wedding.  My little cousin Sarah, who I lived with in Denver many years ago, is getting married.  My little cousin is actually now normal sized Sarah - or skinny Sarah.  Or skinny Dr. Sarah.  Because she also turned into a doctor at some point.  Sheesh.  She's definitely grown up - when I lived with her family in Denver, Sarah was only six!

This morning, I slept til Denver 9 am.  Which of course in NY 11 am.  Whoa.  I cannot even think of the last time I slept til 11 at home or anywhere for that matter.  I think the bed and the covers and pillows are just comfy and cushy and it was really easy to not wake up.  When I did get up, I made my way to this salon to get a haircut/color.  So.  

It was quite possibly the worst haircut/color I've ever experienced.  I'm 98.7% sure the girl who "cut" and "colored" (I'll use those words loosely)  my hair was a big fat fraud/liar/not a real hair cutter.  I've probably spoiled myself.  I go to a great salon in NY, been a customer there for years, so I guess I'm kind of accustomed to a decent experience.

This girl was horrible.  My hair is a snitch pink.  It was supposed to blend into my normally streaky blondish hair.  So yeah.  Pink.

I will have to get into this more later.  I have to take my pink haired self to meet up with family I haven't seen in years.  Greeeeeeaaaaaat.

Time's up!   Happy weekend.


  1. GIRL! NO! NOT pink!!! You've got to be kidding me. Oh, and WHERE THE HELL IS THE PICTURE????? LOL Just enjoy your visit. It's fun to spend time with family you haven't seen in a while and you get a wedding too! And post a pic!!! :)

  2. What, no pic? You're such a tease. :) But if anyone can rock the pink hair, it's you. Have a great trip!