Tuesday, January 8, 2013

anti-resolutions, or something

A while back, I posted something similar, a list of "Anti-Resolutions" for the New Year.  So, in keeping with the tradition, here are some things that I won't be changing in 2013:

1.  I'll still make a great effort to get fit.  The truth is, I'm not getting any younger (wait, what?), and it's not going to get any easier, so I really just have to keep at it.  Damn it.

2.  I still won't be a helicopter parent.  I think it's really important to step back and let our kids find their way.  Sometimes, obviously, stepping in is necessary (like when a bratty mean kid makes your sweet kiddo cry or something, maybe), but in order to learn how to be self sufficient and independent, we really need to back off and watch from a safe distance.

3.  I still won't spend a ton of time getting all made up.  I am way low maintenance.  I can't stand much more than a few minutes in the bathroom messing with my makeup, and my hair is usually about a five minute process - pretty much about as long as it takes to dry it with a hair dryer.

4.  I'll continue to take regular walks, because I love to breathe in the fresh air and listen to tunes and look at stuff.

5.  I'll still try really hard to get my shit together and organize my photos.

6.  I will still be blogging, I'm sure, even though I mentally threaten to quit every other day.

7.  I still plan on making solo treks - at least a few mini-getaways a year if possible.  I've found that I really look forward to and enjoy them.

8.  I will continue on my quest to find the best jeans for my bod.  Preferably a pair that takes many pounds and inches off but still feel as comfy as pj's and look nice. Unfortunately, it might be impossible... 

9.  I will continue to try to keep up with my blog reading, because it makes me happy.  And I really like you guys.

10. I'm sure I'll still try to avoid dusting whenever possible.  I hate dusting.  The fact that it made it into this list proves how much it's not my favorite chore.

So, there you have it.  A list.  A Monday list on a Tuesday.  Not bad, not too bad at all...

Also, here's a picture of a dog.  A dog that is not my dog.  Please try not to say "awwww."


  1. Great list, but I am so with you on the jeans. When i find the perfect pair, I plan on buying three pairs. Great list. Erin

  2. I don't dust until kids start leaving me messages in the dust. And then I make them dust.
    Nice list! Good luck with the jeans search.

  3. I'm low maintenance too, hooray for that! That dog is so dang cute!

  4. I really want to organize my photos too. Maybe we should set a race or something to motivate each other? Then again I am a natural born looser...