Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boys have a very limited attention span

The other day, I was driving Alex and a few of his buddies to go snowboarding.  They are so entertaining, I can't help listening.  In listening, I realized that they are all over the place, jumping from topic to topic - it's crazy.  Girls will sit there and spend an hour discussing which bra you should buy so that your boobs don't look abysmal (yeah, don't ask how I know that), but in the span of 10 minutes, guys can have several fairly meaningful conversations.  A small sampling of what I overheard:

"Guys, let's move to Germany!  It's pretty cool there.  They have sweet accents and they sound so angry."

"If I wanted to hear an English accent, I'd just listen to myself."

"We should save up and buy a conservatory."

"We should all be lawyers.  Lawyers that rob places.  Then we could defend ourselves."

"I'd like to think I'm a pretty smart guy, so why would I want to be a cop?"
"Just what are you trying to say?"
"Uh, cops are dumb?"

"Guys, can someone please tell me why we haven't explored that factory yet?"

"Let's all stare at this man behind us."
"That's a woman."
"Well, she's a woman with quite a mustache then."

"She is definitely the hottest girl in the entire school."
"She's weird and she makes horse noises.  I'd say that takes away some of the hotness."

"Was that a hobo?  I'm pretty sure I just saw a real live hobo!"

I love Alex's friends.

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  1. haha! How old is he? Sounds like my son and his crew. He's 10.
    Funny. :)