Friday, June 15, 2012

99 and friday 5

So you guys!  I officially have 99 followers!  WooHOO!

I am so close to triple digits I can almost taste it.  

I just wanted to point out that exciting news before I started a little Friday five minute purge.  Yikes, can you believe it is Friday already?!  I know!  Me neither.  Do you like how I am conversing with myself? Or more like I am conversing with an imaginary reader.

So yeah, I know I am weird.  
11:40 a

Hm.  It's a beautiful sunny morning, and I sit here with my coffee, kind of cold.  Ah, pretty much definitely cold.  In warm weather I tend to have a harder time finishing a cup.  In fact, when it's warm, coffee usually makes me a little nauseous.  I've actually been a little nauseous for the past few days.  I should be in a better mood than I am.  I just got back from a little adventure that I so loved.  Have you ever been to New Mexico?  Now I can say that I have.  It was just a really cool place.  Very dry, very brownish, very different from home.  There was so much to see and do and eat.  If you are an art lover, there are these sculptures all over the place in Santa Fe, wind sculptures that are totally cool and mesmerizing.  I wanted to take one home.  Or twenty.  I'm not sure I would have been able to smuggle them onto the plane.  And they probably might look weird at my house, but I don't care.  I like them. Also, the food there is incredible.  I actually believe I had a meal that could be in my top five all time meals ever eaten.  It was breakfast at this place called Pasquale's.  I highly, strongly, fully encourage you to eat a meal or three there if you are ever in Santa Fe.  The menu is amazing and it is so hard to decide what to order.  I had a Durango Omelet with green chile sauce and I may have died a little bit eating it.  It was a man sized portion and I pretty much think I would have licked my plate if I thought nobody would notice.  So, so, so good.  I was seated next to this couple traveling from Michigan I think, who ordered pancakes.  Like, why would you order pancakes in New Mexico?  I love pancakes. But I can have pancakes every day at home.  Well, they looked amazing, I must admit.  But still, I personally was going for the southwestern experience food-wise, and I had to order something spicy and different.  Anyway, I need to go back.  I didn't get to see nearly as much as I wanted to.  And guess what?  John is dumb.  New Mexico is not boring at all.  I'll post more about it next week.

11:50.  whoops, that was ten minutes.


  1. lol! Now I'm hungry! (and re-thinking our summer trip...)

  2. Cold? What's that? We haven't seen cold since the winter before last. UGH. Hotandhumidhotandhumidhotandhumid. That's what we get. The southwest has never been on my list of places to visit- it's hot there. LOL

  3. Sounds like a great adventure and the food sounds delicious! Enjoy your weekend.