Thursday, June 21, 2012

the last day and hot pockets

So today was the official last day of school.  I mean last hour.  Because there was only one hour of school.  But today was it.  My kids all made it through their school year with ease, and that's a great feeling.  Alex was pretty lazy about his final quarter and exams, but the girls did great.  Megan got on High Honor Roll, and Alex made Honor Roll - little smarties.

It was 98 degrees out today.  In fact, as I write this at 6 pm, I believe the temp is still in the 90s.  Crazy.  We spent the afternoon in the pool, which was really nice.  Alex was supposed to have a soccer game, and Brookie had a Little League game, but they were both actually cancelled because of how very hot it is.

I usually don't mind the heat if I can be in the shade or the water.  But I definitely have a hard time if there's no air conditioning - especially at night when I am trying to sleep.  We've had it for so long, I think my body is spoiled.  It does not respond well to being forced to endure hot stuffiness.  Here at my house, both of my Alex's have environmental allergies, so we can't leave windows and doors open for like, fresh air.  This time of year, their allergies seem to get worse, so even in transitional weather periods, when you normally would have some outside air flow going on, we can't really do that.  Which is where the beauteous AC comes in.

Just today, I noticed for like, the second or third time in a week, that there was pretty much a hot pocket of air upstairs near my laundry room and I couldn't figure out what the deal was.  It was a hot pocket even when I wasn't running the washer or dryer, and it was kind of driving me a little crazy.  I'd walk through and feel the thick heat and it would momentarily throw me into an oh-my-cod-the a/c-is-down-we're-all-going-to-be-forced-to-live-in-sweaty-squalor! panic.  Then I'd make it through and just go, huh?  So today, I did a little deep sleuthing and discovered that my ditzy son has been leaving the bathroom window open while he showers.  Letting all of that nice expensive cold air right out in to the back yard.  Greeeeaaat.

Well at least I know now, and hopefully won't have to suffer through any more scary moments like that.  I mean, sheesh.

So tomorrow, we're going to sit down in the morning and come up with a list of fun things to do this summer.  It's going to feel so official when we don't have to get up and rush rush rush.  Awesome.  Happy Summer!


  1. I remember loving it once the lovelies were out for the summer- summers were glorious when they were little. Someone in your town is very smart- cancelling due to heat! Not around here-they just go ahead and let them suffer heat stroke. If my AC were to go out- I would have a major panic attack. I have the allergy issue too but, mostly, I don't like to be hot.

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