Monday, June 11, 2012

monday listicle - things that make you go hmm

So I've been reading this new to me blog, The Good Life, and it's fun and funny.  And guess what?  That Stasha does a feature thing that is called Monday Listicles.  There are different topics every Monday where you list ten things, then link up.  Well.  You all know how much I love lists.  So I have to participate.  Because, you know, it would be a crime if I passed up an opportunity to write a list and link it to other list writers and then like, love my list so hard.  So apparently this week's topic is "Ten Things that make you go hmmm."  Well huh.  This shouldn't be too hard for an opinionated girl like myself.

It makes me go hmmm when I step on a piece of chewed up gum in the parking lot.

It make me go hmmm when I find a used band-aid just like, somewhere that is not in the actual garbage.

It makes me go hmmm when everybody throws their dirty laundry in front of the laundry room door.  As opposed to inside the laundry room.

It makes me go hmmm when I look nice in a dressing room mirror, but look like a disgusting oaf in my own mirror.

It makes me go hmmm that people take my things and do not put them back.  Such as my shampoo.  My razor.  My hairbrush.  You know.  That.

It makes me go hmmm when I see someone being mean to their kid/s in public. Not like, being a parent reprimanding or correcting, just like, being a mean, mean person.

It makes me go hmmm when people make rude comments to and about each 
other all over the internet.

It makes me go hmmm when people are so judgmental about one another.  As if they are perfect.

It makes me go hmmm when people begrudge you for your good fortune.

It makes me go hmmm that I could come up with these things all. day. long.

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