Friday, June 8, 2012

friday five - the boring gym post

6:25 p

So it's Friday.  And it's past five.  The house is filled with kids - everyone has someone sleeping over.  It's a little busy here right about now.  I don't really mind, it seems like an easy group, so that's good.  

I had no interest whatsoever in going to the gym today.  Actually, I never have any interest in going to the gym.  I hate it.  HATE.  I don't even know why I go, it's not like it seems to change anything.  I drag my ass there three times a week because I know I should, and throughout my whole workout, I am hating every single minute of it.  This one old guy who talks to me sometimes, he is at the gym every day for like an hour and a half.  I think he might be lonely because who would do that?!  Plus, he talks to me.  He is very pleasant, but I have my ear buds in, trying to listen to something, anything, that will keep me moving, and he'll say something.  So I have to pop an ear bud out because I can't be rude.  But I kind of like doing my own thing at the gym.  I'm not really into chit-chatting.  I'm sweaty and testy and not wanting to be there.  But I feel guilty pretending not to hear him, so I always talk back. *sigh*

I'm rather friendly like that.  Grr.  I have a soft spot for lonely old people I guess. 

6:30 p  Time's up.


  1. yes, hating it is right. Exercise is pure torture--unless you're one of those fitness junkies. I do my disgusting dvd's 6 days a week. Blech. Go buy a Jillian Michaels dvd of hell and you can do that thing in under an hour and get back to a happier life with no exercise. Yucko.

  2. I hate exercising, too. I've been sweating it out for months now and haven't dropped a single pound. Meanwhile, my husband gave up candy and soda and lost 20 lbs. So aggravating!

  3. Surprise, surprise- I'm like that too. LOL I HATE for people to talk to me when I'm running/walking/working out. HATE it! And I put my ear buds in and those idiots talk anyway. Take a hint people. This morning someone said 'good morning' to me and I pretended not to hear. Then I felt bad but- STOP talking to me when I'm working out. :)

    You can do the 30 Day Shred in 20 minutes/day. It didn't kill me when I did it and I'm starting it again soon.