Friday, June 22, 2012

friday 5

Good day for a five minute purge, right?

Been spending every afternoon at my sister Ali's pool.  Each day it's been over 95 degrees - I even got in there yesterday!  I actually love swimming and being in the pool - I just don't like to be cold in there, so it's got to be pretty hot for me to get me to go in.  Also, I hate bathing suits, and it's kind of a requirement to wear one, so there's that.

The kids love it.  I love watching them, it makes me smile, makes me think about being a little kid swimming with my sisters.  We'd play sharks and minnows and Marco polo and some kind of baseball type game.  We'd spend hours in the pool.  Every summer day.  We never got tired of it, and pretty much had to be dragged home by the babysitter at 4:00 to watch Quincy M.C.  It was her favorite show. 

We were really lucky to have a few great pools available to us as kids.  We grew up two doors down from my Aunt Sue, and she was pretty generous about letting us swim even though we were obnoxious. If Aunt Sue got sick of us, we always had my grandmother's pool, which was amazing, just a little bit of a long walk.

We toss around the idea of getting a pool all of the time, but my sister lives right around the corner.  It's kind of silly, we'd be swimming here and they'd be swimming there, and we wouldn't even be hanging out.  Where's the fun in that?  So for now we'll just let them host us.  Because you know, why not?

Alex wants a hot tub but I am opposed.  There are so many gross germs in there, I have a fear.  I got a hot tub rash once and my kids seem to get it at least once a year - and we only go in clean hot tubs!  It's awful where my mind goes when I think about the disgusting things I am soaking my body in.  Lets just say I am not the best at public pools/hot tubs, or anyplace that I would be submerging myself with a lot of other gross people's spit and pee and phlegm and ugh.  I feel a little nauseous.  Last summer all three little kids were covered in spots - it 100% looked exactly like chicken pox and was really itchy.  Even our pediatrician diagnosed them with chicken pox.  And they had all been vaccinated!  I was actually a little concerned because I have never had chicken pox, and I was never vaccinated.  I heard it is way worse as an adult.  So I did a little research because I thought it was weird that they all were vaccinated and I WebMD diagnosed them with the hot tub rash - Folliculitis.  I'm pretty sure that my pediatrician didn't appreciate the second opinion.  But I WebMD was right!  Poor kids had to go back to school, after suffering through the quarantine section of the doctor's office.

I suppose if I got a hot tub I could be selfish and not let anyone in but my people, so I'd only be submerging myself in their germs.  I don't know.  I'll think about it.

Whoa - time's definitely up.  I'll zip it now.  Happy weekend!  

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  1. i think pools are the best part of summer. especially when i'm not the one who has to take care of the pool.