Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A cookie workout

After a marathon Christmas cookie baking frenzy today, I literally feel like I jogged to the next town over.

Who knew that stirring the cookie dough was such a workout?  I may have actually felt a little sweat on my brow!

I guess I should really bake more often... I mean, if I could just bake cookies every day, I wouldn't have to work out or anything!  

Because I workout all of the time, obviously.

And if I substituted baking for working out, I would have a lot of cookies in my house all of the time!

Which would certainly be counterproductive to most.  But not me!  Because I have willpower of steel!  I could smell cookies for hours without wanting one bite!  I could stir that dough til the cows came home and never even test it to make sure it tastes as great as it smells!

I think I sounded very convincing.

For real though, I don't love a cookie as much as I love other goodies.  I mean, if someone plopped a plate of good cookies in front of me, I wouldn't push it away or anything, but cookies are not my best.  Unless you consider Little Debbie's Oatmeal Sandwiches a cookie, because those things are just freaking ridiculous.  And when I utter the word ridiculous regarding a cookie, I mean ridiculous.  Trust me on this one guys.

My best goodie would definitely have to be... cupcakes.  Yeah.  Definitely moist and doughy cupcakes.  Mmmmm.  

Incidentally, I hate the word moist.  It makes me want to vomit.  I can't believe I just used it in a sentence.

My house smells like I baked all day.  Now I have to go get the kids from school so we can decorate the cookies.

I love Christmas.

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