Monday, December 21, 2015


I’ve always found bacon to be a welcome addition to salads, haven’t you? 

It tends to make them feel less like an entire field of grass that I have to chew through because health, and more like a delicious, exciting and indulgent plate of fun! 

I also think olives, avocado and goat cheese are welcome additions.

Speaking of salad, the other day, basically everyone in my family was making these little 10 question quizzes (via some app that I cant remember the name of, sorry).  The quizzes were to see who knows you the best.  So one of the questions on my quiz was what my favorite food was. (nobody got it right)

So you know, I really thought about that!!  I mean, there is a ton of amazing food out there, but like, salad is so versatile.  You can have a taco salad (oh, mmm).  That is a real salad!  Also, tuna salad, chicken salad (so love), Greek salad, regular salad, fruit salad... really, the possibilities are endless!  So my answer was salad.

Everyone had a fit and said that it wasn't my favorite food and that it was a trick question and a big and loud discussion over it happened at the restaurant where we were eating breakfast/lunch. Speaking of favorite foods, the restaurant we were at has the most amazing pancakes I have ever eaten.  No joke. If you're ever in Madison, CT, go to Cristy's.  You wont be sorry and you will probably even write me a thank you note.  If you need my address for the note, I will gladly provide it.

They all decided Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite food.  And that's not even a food!  It's a combination of food on a plate!  Besides, they're not the boss of me!!

So I stand by my answer.  I love salad.  

However, I also do love Thanksgiving dinner... and chocolate mousse.  And filet mignon.  Sushi is pretty great.  Calamari, mmm. I could have an avocado every day for the rest of my life.  And lobster! Sheesh. 

How is one supposed to pick one favorite food anyway??

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