Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for the procrastinator

OK, first, really??  You've waited this long to get your person a gift or two?

Since you are such procrastinators, be prepared to spend a little bit on expedited shipping if you do online ordering.  Consider it your punishment for being such a slowpoke.

I have compiled a little list to help you find some cool last minute gifts that will definitely make you look like a super thoughtful rock star, because I have a lot of Christmas cheer and I like to help my fellow gift-givers.  Fist bump! Also, if you order by Monday night, you should be able to get these by Christmas Eve.

For Men:

1. The Man Crate.  This site has the coolest unique gifts for guys!  

There are so many options: eating, drinking, grilling, personalized, sports... there is definitely a crate for every guy.  The prices range by crate for pretty much every budget, from less than $30 to over $100. Plus they come in a crate!  With a crowbar!  How awesome is that??

2.  The Craft Beer of the Month Club.  For $39 bucks a month (free shipping!) you can get your guy a subscription.  Each shipment includes a dozen beers.  You can choose monthly, every other month, or quarterly shipments.  Craft beer is all the rage right now, you'll be super cool giving this gift.  And you barely have to wrap!
3. Bose Bluetooth Speaker.  For less than $100, you can get this easy to use compact speaker.  It comes in a couple of different colors if you don't think mint would be his thing (I love it!), and if you get it from Best Buy, they have free two day shipping.  Not a bad deal! 

Bose® - SoundLink® Color Bluetooth Speaker - Mint - Larger Front

For Women:

1. See #3 above.  Because what female doesn't like a good mint-colored sound system for their tunes?

2. Spa in a Bag.  So this is nice... I want this.  It comes with body butter, sea salts, body scrub and lip balm.  In a really cute canvas bag, even.  It will definitely make someone feel pampered.  Not bad for about $60.

3. A Gift that Gives Back.  A That's Caring gift is so awesome.  For under $50, you can give your friend a gift box that includes cheese, crackers, and wine.  The beauty of this gift is that it provides a needy child with a weekend food bag, and depending on which ONEHOPE wine you choose, it also helps children with autism, cancer or food.  There are several different kinds of gift box options if wine and cheese isn't quite right.  Besides wine and cheese, there are also bakery and confections boxes to choose from.  Yum! Check it out!

Cheese, Crackers & ONEHOPE Wine Gift Box | That's Caring Gifts

4.  A Mini EcoSphere.  OK, I bought one of these and it is seriously cool.  You can get it on Amazon pretty quickly for around $50.  Each EcoSphere is it's own completely enclosed mini world.  They contain marine shrimp, algae and micro-organisms, which make it self sustaining.  Such a neat, living thing to put on display, available in a few different sizes and shapes.  Bonus:  you don't have to do anything to keep it alive!

  EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, X-Large Sphere

For Kids:

1. A Dino Pet Micro Aquarium.  Another super cool live gift found within a dinosaur-shaped micro-aquarium.  Not quite a toy, but more like a piece of living art. It is a little bit more hands on, as you do need to fill it with water.  Kids will also love that it glows in the dark.  You can order this on Amazon for around $60.

2. Pie Face.  This game is apparently all the rage, and if you can score one, you'll be a hero.  At $13, it's pretty cheap (and funny) entertainment.  Kids think this game is hilarious because at any moment, you could get a splat of whipped cream (not included) in the face.  Who doesn't want to watch that??

3. On the subject of hilarious, Jelly Belly BeanBoozled is completely awesome/awful.  It's a game and candy all in one!  You spin a spinner and have to eat the jelly bean that your spinner lands on. The hitch is, you don't know if you're going to get a disgusting flavor or a normal flavor.  Some flavor examples are: booger, stinky socks or skunk spray.  They have also mixed normal yummy flavors in there so grown-ups who dare to play have an actual chance of not vomiting.  For as little as $20 at Amazon, you could be the party maker!

OK, so I hope this was somewhat helpful to all of you last minute shoppers! Now get your credit card out and do some shopping!!  Be sure to let me know in the comments if your gifts were hits or misses.  Good luck!

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