Tuesday, December 1, 2015

25 things I want to accomplish in December. A bucket list, if you will.

Being that it is already freaking December (wtf!) I figured that I would put together a little list of all of the crap I need to do this month.  Because lists! And also, jeez.  What the heck happened to 2015?  

25 things that I would love to accomplish in December.  No guarantees though, obviously:

1.  Finish Christmas shopping before December 24.

2.  Get Christmas gifts wrapped well before December 24.

3.  Mail all Christmas packages that need to be mailed on time.

4.  Get Christmas cards out within a week or so.

5. Write a well thought out New Year Resolution list.

6.  Purge some shitty/annoying/old/broken Christmas decorations.

7. Track on My Fitness Pal every day.  Even Christmas. (grr)

8. Organize the embarrassingly disorganized craft room.

9. Make a really good Christmas playlist on Spotify.

10.  Force kids to purge crap from their bedrooms.

11.  Purge crap from my own bedroom.

12.  Bake Christmas cookies.  A really lot of them.  The good kind, like those walnutty snowballs and peanut butter balls and snickerdoodles even though snickerdoodles probably don't actually count as a Christmas cookie.

13. Gather up some old winter coats, hats, etc for donation.

14. Find a knitting class. Join that class.  Learn how to knit. Knit a hat.

15. Plan a trip.  Some place warm preferably.

16. Make a few photo books.  I only have approximately 40,000 pics spread out on 4 computers that span about a 15 year period.  That is not an exaggeration.

17. Post regularly here, on this blog.

18. Start a new program on TV - I heard about the new Netflix series called Marvel, and I think I want to add it to the lineup.  Since all of TV land thinks it's appropriate to go on hiatus like, now, I need a replacement show.

19. Read/catch up on some of my old favorite blogs.

20.  Get a new fridge and dishwasher.  And maybe a new stove while I am at it.

21. Read through all of the magazines that I have sitting around just annoying me.  Then actually throw them away when I'm finished.

22. Make a decoration thing that holds all of the Christmas cards we get.  Sadly, we seem to get less and less actual Christmas cards each year now that people tend to just post a pic on Facebook.  Well that stinks.

23. Get all of the things we need for the big Christmas breakfast.  Including a chef hat.

24. Drive through the Christmas light show with my family.  Preferably on a night that snows if snow would ever happen in NY. And drink hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music at the same time, of course.

and last but certainly not least, a personally personal goal: 25. Keep being strong, and keep moving forward.

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