Monday, November 30, 2015

actually kinda perfect

My weekend was so.utterly.unexciting.
I mean, it was great, if you’re into that sort of thing that includes situating yourself to the couch for so long that your body basically forms an identical indentation that’s semi-permanent, and ordering take-out Saturday night which not only was dinner, but then also became lunch and then uh, dinner again on Sunday.  Like the same food.  Just microwaved.  Not even warmed thoroughly in the oven.  Oh no.  I wasn’t even getting up long enough to preheat the oven and then throw the stuff in and blahblahblah.  No way José.  Apparently I’d rather have my unequally microwaved-heated leftovers (you know, so like the edges are so hot that you burn your mouth off and the middle is totally cold?) on a paper plate and then re-faceplant into the cushions.  Then noshing on bits of random cold pizza as mid-day appetizers peppered in there for good measure.  
It was that kind of weekend.
I wish I could be all “ohmygosh, it was so rainy and cozy all day Saturday and I just got so caught up in my awesome book that I read the entire thing while sitting in my big comfy chair in the dimquiet”… but no. It was nothing of the sort.  I wore the same comfy yoga pants/tank top/hoodie outfit and woke up at 10ish an embarrassing time and perused the internet while vaguely listening to/watching so much HGTV that my brain nearly exploded.  I didn’t even read the crap-ton of magazines I have to catch up on.
This weekend would have been the perfect time to do all of those things that I “never get around to,” such as fold a massive pile of laundry that for whatever reason just continues to grow (wtf, family), which is located smack dab in the middle of the craft room floor (classy. want to come over?), reorganize the crammed and annoying kitchen cabinets, clean out the crammed and annoying closets, clean the bathrooms, mop the floor, deconstruct the junk drawer(s) because they contain about six thousand miscellaneous stupid things that I "might use someday,” along with random change, keys that I don't recognize, melted lip gloss and four-year-old samples of sunscreen, or purge every room in the house because we (I) constantly mentally complain about the chaos. But no. We didn’t have time for that at all. We only had time for *couch*.
Now that I think about it, this weekend was actually kinda perfect.

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