Friday, November 27, 2015

modern day interaction

Things are so different now, the way people interact in this modern tech-savvy time that we live in.  

Whoa.  I kind of feel like an old person saying such a thing.  Like when my Nan would say, "Back in my day..."

But really, it is completely different than it was back in my day!  They were simpler times, in my opinion.  There's no such thing as tossing the guy you're crushing on an innocent little football shaped note with "do you like me circle Y or N" scribbled on it during math class.  Instead you snapchat him a picture of your boobs apparently.  But that is a conversation for another post.

OK, well, maybe if you were 11 the football note was appropriate.  But these days, it's like, nobody actually talks anymore.  Face to face I mean.  Everyone hides behind a screen.  A computer, an iPad, a smart phone... I know that I am guilty of it.  How sadly impersonal though, right?

Sometimes I strongly consider giving up my iPhone and laptop, just to see how long I could do it.  Just to see how life would be without it, like it used to be in the olden days.  I bet I would get a ton more done, I'd be so much more productive.  I know I would read actual books more.  

It is rare for me to ever forget my phone, but when I do, it's like I forgot one of my kids, and I am ashamed and filled with anxiety til I get it back.  Isn't that kind of crazy?  That we are SO dependent on these little things?  Of course, I say that as I am sitting at my computer, typing a document to post to all of the random and unknown people of the www, but that's neither here nor there.  Right?

There are these intense discussions about the way people go about "life" now...  I'm not sure how great I would be at doing it this way if I had to, as a teenager.  I mean, being young and like, never having known a time when so much information, so much technology was right there in front of your face, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  When you were always tethered, never actually alone.  

Sometimes having a cellphone is like having a ball and chain attached to your ankle.  You are always reachable.  You never get a break to just breathe, and enjoy real life without interruption.  You can never be alone.

I might do an experiment and give up technology.  Any bets on how long I could last?

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