Thursday, December 6, 2012

the last word, v8

People Magazine has this feature thing on the last page of their magazine.  On the last page, they have a feature called the last word (so clever!) where a celebrity answers a few questions on the last things they've done.  So even though I'm not a celebrity or anything (wait. what?!), I'm going to go ahead and answer the questions.  Because, why not?

The last thing I do before I go sleep at night besides taking a swig of water and putting on lip balm would probably be closing my eyes and imagining moments that I don't want to forget.  Imagining moments that I want to dream about when I'm finally asleep.  

The last celebrity crush I had, hm.  I am not much for having crushes, but the last celebrity guy that I sat there and said, man he is freaking adorable about was probably Ian Somerhalder.  Seriously. Adorable.  And oh, Jesse Williams.  His eyes are killer.

The last car I purchased was for my husband I guess.  Kind of a nice, low key Mercedes, it's pretty fun to drive.  I can't exactly say I purchased it all by my big self, but I think both of our names are on the loan and we picked it out together.  

The last time I was domestic would have to be about 45 seconds ago when I straightened up the family room.  Because that's what I do.  I am a domestic champion.

The last home I purchased was the home I live in now, which we built in 2004.  We're currently in the process of buying a little lake house, but my lawyer seems to be taking his sweet time getting everything in order.

The last time I splurged would have to be a little run to San Francisco, if I am talking about a splurge on myself.  Other than that, I splurged on Christmas presents for my kids, for sure.  It's ridiculous.

The last thing I ate would have to be a large handful or two of some Christmas looking Mike & Ike's last night.  They were really tasty.  I guess I should eat something...

The last thing I posted on the fridge was Brooke's expander schedule for her braces.  I can't really post anything on my fridge because it's stainless steel, but I snuck it on the side.  Not that I can see it there or anything.  It just seemed like a fridge post kind of thing.

The last time I cried, oh sheesh.  Yesterday?  I'm sure yesterday.  Driving in my car alone, listening to tunes gets me thinking and tearing up.  Not like a sob or anything, more like a tear or two that never falls.  But man, I'm a fucking wimpy crybaby these days apparently.  When did that happen??

The last gift I gave would have to be to my kids when I got back from San Francisco in October.  I like bringing them home little things from my trips, and it's a good way to get them to let me go without too much of a hard time.


  1. Such a great idea for a post. Now go eat some breakfast.

  2. I like that idea---the last thing...of course, it would require engaging my brain to remember the last thing I did/said/bought/etc. and that really doesn't appeal to me at all. LOL But I did enjoy reading yours!