Monday, December 17, 2012

zombies and momi-vans

OMG you guys, just look what I found!!!

I will say this once, and once only.  If I ever (probably never) decided to get a momi-van sticker family - this would be the one I would get!!

I know, I know, I have strongly mentioned on more than one occasion that I openly mock (fine, not openly.  in the privacy of my car I mock.) sticker families on the momi-vans.  I can't help it.  It's just so... cheesy?  Or something?  

But seriously OMG.  That up there is a ZOMBIE sticker family.  And my new favorite show is currently The Walking Dead, which I resisted seeing for three whole seasons before finally caving.  And thank Cod I did cave, because wow.  What a great show.  I mean, I was thinking, who in the world would watch a stupid TV show about zombies?  Zombies.  Really?

And then I caught like, five minutes of an episode and I was all, well hm.  That actually does look pretty freaking good.  I couldn't look away.  So we popped on the Apple TV and pulled up season one.  And then we didn't go to bed til approximately 6 hours had passed.  Because season one had like 6 episodes in it.  And we couldn't turn it off.  It was that good.  My husband stayed up watching TV til 2 in the morning with me.  Shocking.

So when I saw the zombie sticker family, I was all "OMG Zombies!"  And I momentarily considered how cool it might be.  Then I counter considered how cheesy it still is, zombie or not.

Damn but I can't pull the trigger.

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