Friday, December 7, 2012

friday five - things not to say to your wife

It's Friday, about 5:45.  Not the best day ever, but I'm hoping it'll look up at some point.  I'm not banking on it though, there just aren't enough hours left in this day to really turn it around.

I was thinking maybe I'd post something upbeat.  I was thinking I could grab some post that I'd written before, on another day, and tweak it enough so it was post-able.  I did make an effort.  I weeded through some unposted posts, started tweaking... I guess I'm just not feeling it.

There's no real rule, that I have to post something substantial today.  I'm the boss of me, here.  So since I'm just not in the mood, I'll post something funny, that made me chuckle a little when I needed something to smile about.  Check it out:


  1. Hilarious! I've never seen him before. Hope your day ends well and tomorrow is a smashingly wonderful day.

  2. Hahahahaha! I've got to find this and post it on facebook for some people! They will DIE!