Monday, December 10, 2012

can being a part of flash mobs be an occupation?

When I'm by myself and deep in thought, chances are I am either daydreaming about impossible things, or pondering what I want to be when I grow up.  Never mind that I am pushing 43.  OMG.  I just realized that I really am turning 43 in like, two months!  Where did 42 go?!  Shit!

Moving on.

I just want to be in a flash mob.  It's actually in my official bucket list.

What kind of job can someone get that is related to flash mobbery?  Sadly, I'm not a very good dancer.  I really have no rhythm and I definitely don't believe that I could pull off like, anything too involved, like Michael Jackson dance moves.  Or the electric slide.  I can stand there and bob my head, basically.  I do have a few signature moves, but they somewhat resemble Elaine from Seinfeld's infamous moves.

But probably more like Fat Monica on Friends.  Without the donut.  Because that could really pose a choking hazard.

I may even have that outfit.  Did I just day that out loud?

Anyway, I think being in random flash mobs would be an awesome occupation.  I am a great organizer!  I could organize the flash mob and then stand there and watch it like a superstar.  Like a superstar spectator.  That would probably be more up my alley.  Organizing, standing, and spectating while head bobbing.  At the same time.

It's not very fair that my mother never put me in dance classes growing up.  I blame her for my lack of rhythm.  Because of that, I'll more than likely never make it into the flash mob business. 

Damn it.


  1. mom put me in dance classes when I was growing up. It doesn't always help. Like in my case. I can't sing either. Well, I mean, I CAN sing, but you really wouldn't want to hear me. So, no flash mob for me either. Though I have always wanted to be present for one!

  2. Look really great, love the first pic, thanks for sharing!

  3. i don't think i've ever seen the fat monica dance! i thought i'd seen every episode of friends.
    i love a good flash mob too. i want to be one of the unsuspecting onlookers when one breaks out.