Thursday, December 27, 2012

notes from the fridge. literally.

Incidentally, doesn't it bug you when people say literally, but they don't really mean literally?  That instead they're just using it for emphasis or something?

Literally means actually - like actually doing what you're saying.  Like, if you said, "My head was literally about to explode," that would be bullshit.  Because really, whose head is really going to explode?  What circumstances would you be in that such a thing would occur?  Besides like, you know, if you were in the Walking Dead and one of the guys mashed your head in with a shovel or something.  That's probably one of the only times literally would fit with an exploding head.

So yeah, I was serious went I said "literally" about notes from the fridge.  Two of the following notes were actually inside my refrigerator.  I have an odd family.  What can I say?  More than likely it's all my fault.  Sometimes the notes I get are funny, sometimes sad, sometimes they make my heart fill.

I love my kids:
Apparently, Brooke does NOT like almond milk.  
This was on the "really good milk,"

A little poem from Brooke - she loves me, yes she boes. :)
Not from one of my kids, but too cute to not include.

I got "Boo Mom, Boo mom" and a sad face because I hurt her feelings.  
The broken hearts and sad faces kill me.

"puup" = poop.  She was just letting us know...

On the counter one morning from Alex.

From Megan 


  1. I literally adore your children. :)

  2. I love those! I've kept the notes that I've gotten over the years from the lovelies and I still go back and read them from time to time. And then I miss them being little again so I tend to stay out of that box most of the time. :)

  3. aw! what nice kiddos you have! except for the milk thing. i'm eating that same milk on cereal right now & loving it.

  4. You're kids are literally so stinkin' cute. (Just kidding, they don't actually stink.) Love, love, LOVE!!