Wednesday, December 5, 2012

te amo

Te Amo

...Tell me where you come from darling
Tell me where you run to honey
I am only here to listen
And I am only here to fear

Tell me everything about you
Tell me about all the hearts you steal
Fire is burning round me, 
are you gonna burn with me too
Cause I don't really want this life
All I really want is you

Are you gonna take me up there
Are you gonna help me see
Are you gonna lift this madness 

or are you going to bury me

So shall I run
Or shall I fall, shall I fall for you
I'll burn it down, I'll sell it all 

sell it all for you

...Living my life in shadows
I don't know what this all means 
But I am a seeker 

and I'm seeking you to rescue me
                                      --trevor hall

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