Tuesday, January 5, 2016

apparently smelly candles cause cancer

So I recently read that smelly candles cause cancer.

God damn.  What doesn't cause cancer anyway??  Nothing, that's what.

I enjoy a good smelly candle!  So now apparently I have to buy a special kind of smelly candle that doesn't have the toxic chemicals in the wax or fragrance or something, toxic chemicals that are probably slowly killing me and my family when all I wanted was a nice smelling house.  Run on sentence much?

Did I ever tell you that someone once told me that my house always smells great?  That made my day.  Because I think it smells pretty great, but you know how sometimes you just get used to something and have no idea that it's probably gross?  I have a smelly uncle and there is no way that he goes through life thinking he smells good.  No way.  I think he is opposed to deodorant, but anyway, either he is just so used to being surrounded by his own stench or he doesn't care about the weak constitution of others who may be in his presence.  Maybe he should think about other people's nose holes.

I got off track.  

Back to smelly candles.  So now I feel like I have to burn out all of the smelly candles because it would be a crime to throw good candles away, right?  They're so freaking expensive!  I guess tossing them is probably the smart, responsible thing to do.  How can you ignore the fact that some of those chemicals that are wafting around the room smelling all yummy are actually about as bad for you as second hand smoke??  It's the freaking Paraffin.  Most scented candles are made of paraffin wax, which actually turns into carcinogens when it's burned.  Read up on that guys, because it really isn't a good thing.

So there's that.

I checked into an alternative.  Because you know, I like to be informed, and I like to not consciously surround my kids in apple pie scented carcinogens.  I guess soy candles and beeswax candles are good substitutes.  I haven't gotten any yet myself, but I am going to check out The Honest Company's soy candles, because that Jessica Alba seems to put out some decent quality products.  There are 3 different scents available, I think I have seen them at Target.  I hope they smell decent because damn, they are like $20 each.

I'll let you know how it goes!

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