Wednesday, January 27, 2016

on a similar note, I would have picked Duckie

I'm keeping with the 80's theme that I seem to have going.  Just go with it, I'm feeling nostalgic.

Anyway, I was a huge Duckie fan.  Pretty in Pink Duckie, if you were unclear.

I think Andie was a jerk for blowing off Duckie and deciding to hang with rich, preppy (and kind of not cute) Blane, but I guess you can't make a person like another person, right? Back in the day, I think lots of people were into Andrew McCarthy (the guy who played Blane), I can totally imagine the old Teen Beat posters hanging on the walls of suburban teen aged girls everywhere. He wasn't my type, I didn't like him, I didn't have a Teen Beat poster of him hanging on my wall.  He was too skinny and boring and average in my opinion.  Nothing about him stood out from the crowd.  I thought he was a twerpy sheep.  Also, Andie and Blane had zero chemistry in that movie, if you ask me.

Speaking of jerks in Pretty in Pink, Steff was the exact opposite of the kind of guy I would have gone out with when I was in high school.  Rich jackasses were kind of off my radar.  I do quite enjoy James Spader in general though. I really think it took me a while to like him because his obnoxiously narcissistic character Steff spilled over into real life.  It was hard to look at him and not see a jerk with feathered hair in an over sized blazer. I do love him in The Blacklist  though and I would probably go out on a date with him if he asked me, he does have a really distinctively sexy voice.  But I digress...

So I would have definitely chosen Duckie.  I like quirky and different.  I guess that everyone already knows that in the original screenplay, Andie was supposed to end up with Duckie. Apparently the tester audience or something didn't think that it was believable. I think I would have liked to see them end up together.  He might have seemed a touch annoying and slightly stalkerish, but still adorable and funny and loyal.  And nerdy guys are notorious for being the best kissers. Ultimately, she would have broken his fragile heart, but it still would have been great to see.  

Legit question: Why doesn't anyone ever choose quirky and different?  Why does nobody give the cool, funky guy who isn't afraid to be an individual and wear a bolero a chance?  Sometimes you have to look past things that other people might see as unappealing or character flaws! The best part of someone is their real self!  Who wants a fake, watered down, surfacey version of a person?

Thinking about these 80's characters totally just made me remember someone so out of the typical plain old normal people I'd always surround myself with back then. This guy, Reagan was his name (I remember his name because it was interesting and different), lived across the street from me in Denver, and I'm basically 100% sure he never knew I existed.  I thought he was so cool from afar, though I never had the nerve to approach him. I pretty much forgot all about him after I became friends with other people, but he definitely looked like the kind of guy that would be in a John Hughes film, definitely like the kind of guy I would have been into.  I wonder if as a grown up, he is still kind of cool.

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