Monday, January 18, 2016

7 things every girl wore in the late 80's

tennis sneakers for the rich and trendy.  Even if you didn't play tennis.

Ray Bans
so Tom Cruise, Risky Business.

The benneton rugby
This was a must have.  Along with the Coca-Cola rugby.  I think I saved up for a while for this - it was so expensive back in the day.  You can also see this on an actual real live 80's girl in one of the pics below.

Bomber jackets
were the bomb.  See what I did there?  I think this style somehow came about because of Tom Cruise in Top Gun.  I lost mine in college.  I probably was not drunk when that happened. Heh.

The scrunchie socks
See below

The oversized blazer
Honestly, this is one 80's style that's still kind of on my radar.  I love the oversized coat and jeans.  Keds, scrunchy socks, and Madonna-esque hair? Nah.  Then, yes.  Now?  Not so much.

The Guess overalls:  

Oh man, this picture.  Girl on Left is wearing Ray Bans, Guess jean overalls, keds and scrunchy socks, and Girl on Right with that Benneton Rugby shirt (that I had to have) and denim skirt... so much classic 80's right here. I had those Guess overalls in the shorts version.  They were killer.

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