Thursday, November 14, 2013

TRAVEL San Francisco: Yummy Good Eats part dos... Lunch

As I mentioned in my previous post about a few San Francisco breakfast spots, I never really realized how important the food industry is to Bay Area travelers.  After spending a few days in the city, I realized that there are just so many wonderful and eclectic choices and options.  I sometimes found it hard to make a decision, and ended up just eating in areas that I was wandering through.


One great lunch that I had was at a dive-y little spot in the Tenderloin called Showdogs, right on Market Street. There was nothing really fancy about the place, but I was kind of drawn to the fact that it was so unpretentious.  I ended up going simple with the basic all beef dog, some super tasty house made slaw, crispy thin fresh cut fries, and the kicker - a fresh house lemonade. So yummm!  Everything I ordered was delicious, the service was pleasant and speedy.  Overall it was fairly expensive for a hotdog place, but I loved the simplicity of my meal and would definitely go back to try out some other good looking things on the menu.

Clam Chowder in a bread bowl

While wandering around Fisherman's Wharf one sunny day, I had my eye out for a place to get the much heard about chowder in a bread bowl.  I chose Sabella and La Torre's sidewalk stand on Taylor Street, though there were plenty of other places to get pretty much the same thing.  I think I chose Sabella's because there was enough of a line to make it seem like the food would be good, but not too many people to make the wait annoying.  The bread was great, soft and gooey, and the chowder was pretty darned good.  It was thick and creamy, just wish there were a few more clams in there.  Initially it was a touch bland, but with some extra salt and pepper it worked.  At under 10 bucks, I thought it was fair for the amount you got.  The service was quick, and I chose to eat mine outside in the sunshine, though they do offer tables inside.  The only real downside was being stalked by seagulls hoping for a bite, but you can't blame the establishment for that! 

Pad Thai

I've never had Thai food before, so I popped into Osha Thai on Embarcadero for a late afternoon lunch one day.  I really liked the loungey vibe of the place, it was very quiet, spacious and not busy at all.  It looks like they'd have no trouble accommodating a large group.  Also, I have to say, the chairs were super comfy.  I ended up going with a Spring Roll, Pad Thai and an order of Udon Soup, based on the tasty sounding description in the menu.  It was very good, rather spicy.  The portions were generous, and the meal presentation was really nice.  I definitely could not finish everything.  I felt like it was kind of pricey, but probably justified by the atmosphere and service.

Where have you had lunch in the city of San Fran?  I had a super sandwich at a deli in Sausalito and I need to find an equally good sandwich spot that I can walk to from Union Square.  Any recos?

Check back for a review of a few great dinner spots I visited!

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