Friday, November 8, 2013

friday five


I may or may not have had a mini Twix bar, a mini Snickers and a mini bag of peanut M & M's for breakfast.   Well isn't that what is supposed to happen the week after Halloween?  I have to get this candy out of here.  I have no will power at all.  It's not even funny guys.

Well.  Actually, I literally have pounds of candy in my house and that's all that I ate... it could be a lot worse.  So really a candy breakfast of a few pieces of mini candy is kind of a win, if you think about it.

So jeez, next up is Thanksgiving, and that will roll quickly into Christmas. It's going to go fast this year, I just know it.  I know someone who is completely finished with shopping and wrapping Christmas presents.  Who does that?? Only highly organized people I suppose. I don't ever see that being me. I also know someone who is getting zero Christmas presents for her family because they are going on a 10 day Christmas cruise to some place warm and tropical.  Now that, I could get into. I think she said all she is doing is bringing a stocking for everyone with a few small wrapped things. That's pretty freaking awesome. I don't know if my kids would be into that though. They love our Christmas traditions.  God forbid if I try to change anything up.

6:10 - Time's up!

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