Thursday, November 14, 2013

10 dream destinations

I love to travel.  The last few years, I've been traveling a lot more, trying to get off of my coast and see places that I haven't seen.  I feel like I'm getting older and time goes by fast - I want to see things and do things and have experiences before I'm too old to enjoy and appreciate them.  I know I'm not that old, it's just, time doesn't wait, does it?

So one of the things I needed to do this year was get my passport.  I want to be able to go out of the country spontaneously, like, if I happen to spot a good deal somewhere.  I'm always looking.  I have a bunch of places that I would absolutely love to see in person.  I have a whole Pinterest board filled with places that I would like to visit some day, so I decided to share my top ten.   One is number one.  Obviously.  But the rest are in no particular order, because it's really hard to decide what I want to see most.  If money was no object, I'd be booking flights every month.  The world is an amazing place...  where would you go if you could?

1.  Vaadhoo Maldives - if I saw this in person, I think I would cry.

2.  Stonehenge - I have always found this place to be so incredible and interesting.  I think I would feel so small standing next to such an amazing thing.

3. Whiteheaven Beach, Australia - apparently, the sand doesn't even get hot here.  Heaven?  I'm thinking yes.

4. Scotland - I can't imagine looking at views like this all day long.  I want to sleep in a castle and listen to sexy Scottish guys talk with their cute accents while wearing kilts. 

5. Fiji - I'm afraid I might never come home.  Seriously, how do people go to work when they live in a place like this?

6. Prague - a place that actually looks like a painting.

7. Switzerland - castles and snow and Alps and chocolate.  Sounds kind of perfect.

8.  Italy - amazingly gorgeous.

9.  Portugal - another stunning place I might never want to leave...

10. Ireland - more kilts and adorable accents... and wonderful scenery, of course.

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