Friday, August 31, 2012


Been trying to write a Friday five minute purge all day.  Like, the whole point is to only spend five minutes writing, and I can't seem to get five minutes to sit down and focus here for even a minute!

It's the beginning of a nice long weekend.  Alex the birthday boy took the day off (absolutely shocking), so we kind of have a good four days to do stuff, anything really.  It would have been a great week for camping actually, my camper is all serviced and ready to roll, just don't exactly have a vehicle that can pull it with anymore.  Hm.  So that means we either need to trade it in for a driving camper (wooHOO!  I'm in!), trade my momivan in for like, a vehicle with a hitch (this will do), or just get a hitch put on the van.   I guess the most logical option would be to get a hitch put on the van.  Darn it. 

So anyway, we're going to my mom's camp in Cooperstown.  It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend, which will be great for boating and water stuff.  The kids love that.  Megan went early with Mom this morning, and we'll go tomorrow.  At least one of my sisters will be there too, so it should be a good, fun, relaxing time. 

Thursday the kids start their new school year!  They are actually looking forward to it, so that's good.  We're finally pretty much finished with back to school shopping stuff, thank Cod - just need a few little things and some haircuts.  So there you have it.  Five minutes are up.

Happy Friday guys!  Hope you all have a nice holiday weekend.   

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  1. What a great idea! Five minutes. You'd think that would be easier to find, but it so isn't! Hope Alex had a great birthday, and you have a fabulous holiday weekend.

    Also, thought you might like to know that I posted Part 2 of my post that you commented on. You're welcome to "write a book" over there anytime. :) I'd love your feedback. Thanks!