Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Feels like summer is winding down.  The beginning of the summer flew by, and this last week or two seems to being dragging.

I thought that I'd have no trouble blogging while the kids were around, but man.  It's been hard!  The minute I sit down and focus on the computer, they look at me like I am ignoring them.  I pretty much have just the briefest amount of time during the day to sit down and just chill without distraction, and it usually doesn't lend me enough time to coherently form a post that might be more than boring old, lame old drivel.

Not that I wasn't posting boring old lame old drivel before, just, I think this must be boring-er and lamer. 

So, I'm sorry.  I've written a ton of fairly decent and interesting half-posts and mini-posts and posts of just a sentence or two.  Maybe when things settle down and these little punks of mine get back to school, I'll expand on some of those and post them.

So the countdown is officially on.   They go back to school a week from tomorrow and I'm excited looking forward to the blissful quiet thinking I'll get back into the routine of school days pretty much right away.

It's been a good summer... we've done a lot.  We've spent a lot of time in the water!  The weather has been amazing this summer here in upstate NY, and my kids love to swim.  Well, the little girls anyway. I pretty much have to drag little Alex into the pool.  He'll get in the ocean and surf or paddle board or jump waves, but he wont ever just splash around in the pool.  That's so weird.  He's a weirdo.  Kara's not a fan of swimming either.  She got to a certain age and she was worried about messing up her hair.  She's a funny kid.

I am such a slacker mom!  I have barely done any back to school shopping, and usually by this point, I am 100% finished.  So today I have to freaking waste a gorgeous day shopping.  Damn it.  Hopefully I can get in and out without too much time lost.  I have to have a plan of action.

Happy Wednesday guys!


  1. good luck with the shopping.
    i had planned to write a book this summer. i didn't. i went on vacation a couple times, worked out and got a great tan at the pool. other than that, nothing to show for my life.
    today was our first day back to school. homeschooling means that's not a particularly awesome day for moms. maybe i should send her to school so i can get a break!

  2. It hasn't been nice down here this summer. It's been Hot. And humid. And that's it. So, I'm looking forward to a long, chilly fall and cold winter. It'll be nice for a change seeing as how both of those seasons passed us by last time around. But you've probably heard me mention that before. :) Y'all are lucky to start school after Labor Day. Our kids started last week. Ridiculous. Good luck with the shopping. Can't wait to read some of those partial posts!