Wednesday, August 15, 2012

so, um... hey there.

So I took a break.

It all started with my sadmadgrr mood a few weeks back.  That crappy mood where I questioned everything; life, love, the universe, God, bacon... you know.  Those kind of things.  And blogging.  Blogging too.  Because besides feeling generally sadmad, I was in a "what the hell is the point of blogging anyway," mood.

Sometimes we get like that, right?  Right guys?  Oh, wait.  Maybe that's just me.

                                                                                                       our steps to the beach....
So anyway, I guess I'm over it.  Wahoo!  I'm back!  Large and in charge!  Or maybe just large because WTF guys, I just got home from a lengthy family vacation where I stuffed my face with food and Oreos and egg sandwiches and the only exercise I got was carrying a little bag of Lime Cactus' to the beach everyday (What?  Don't judge.  It's 5 o'clock somewhere!), and I gained a whopping three pounds.  THREE. EFFING. POUNDS.   


Did you see what I did there?  I'm so cool.  I know textese.  Though I am pretty sure I've never used that particular mini-statement in a text, but whatever.

So yeah, gaining three pounds sucks ass.  But those three pounds represent two weeks of good, happy family vacation time, so I can't get all crazy about it.  Besides, since we've been home, I've lost two of those three sucky pounds, so I'm all good.  I got this.

Anyway, I just wanted to like, say hey.  And if you're still here, hanging by this blog and reading my mindless chatter, thanks.  You guys are the best. 

See you tomorrow!

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