Thursday, August 23, 2012

so we got this puppy

It's been a long time.

More than seven years I think, since we last had a dog.  I guess I finally caved and ended up bringing one home.  It wasn't a decision made lightly though, that's for sure.  My son and husband both have allergies and asthma, so I needed to find a breed of dog that would not irritate either of them.

Also, I like my nice, neat, unchewed house and furniture.  I like that my house doesn't smell like a dog.  I like that I can spontaneously go off somewhere without worrying that a dog is home alone all day.  I like that I don't have to dodge dog crap when I am kicking the soccer ball in the yard with the kids.  (OK, haha.  That was a joke.  I don't really kick the soccer ball in the yard with the kids.  I watch them kick the soccer ball in the yard with each other.  Like any other normal mom does.)

Anyway, all of those things were things that made me wary to go down that road again.  Things are pretty controlled around here, and throw a puppy in the mix and there could be chaos.  Right?

Me and chaos, guys?  Me and chaos do not mix well.  I have learned over time that I really need a relaxed brain and some really effective meds to make it through the day without losing my shit.

So I found a breed that claims to be good for families with allergy sufferers, and then I started searching around for puppies.  It was kind of a fluke that I found this particular puppy, because she was listed on craigslist, and apparently you're not supposed to list pets.  She was exactly was I was looking for, so I pulled the trigger and went and got her.

And guess what?  She did not cry once in her crate.  I was mentally prepared to have to suffer through a few nights with a puppy crying, and she slept like an angel dog.  In fact, she didn't make a peep til I went in and got her out!  She's had exactly two accidents in the house since Sunday, and she's only 10 weeks old!  She's calm and chill and cute and sporadically energetic.  I think she's going to really fit in with our family.

The first night, my son had a mild allergic reaction, so I'm hoping it'll be OK if he takes his medicine regularly and washes up after he plays with her.  Then I think my husband had a sympathy allergic reaction because he said he felt itchy after Alex got all stuffed up and irritated.  

My kids are well aware that this is a trial, because I can't keep a pet if it makes life miserable for the guys.  Hopefully we'll be OK and it's looking good, but if it gets bad, the plan is that Kara will get her, and everyone is fine with that.

So far, besides the fact that the puppy thinks I am her mom, bites my toes and is kind of up my ass constantly, it's been great.  She follows me where ever I go and lays right on my feet.  She seems really smart, and I am looking forward to training her.

My a-hole sisters and brothers-in-law call me the dog whisperer, so I am going to show them.  I am teaching this dog 52 commands.  They don't know who they are messing with.  They'll be so jealous when I tell my dog to go get me my book, and while she's at it, turn on the light.  They'll be shocked at her smartness.  I'll definitely keep you posted on the 52 commands, but anyway, here's little Maizie:


  1. She reminds me of Tucker! He has always been a great dog. He never chewed anything and he had very few accidents in the house. I never put him in a crate though. I'm so claustrophobic that I just couldn't do it. Well, I actually tried twice but he didn't like it and neither did I. He prefers in bed with us. :) I hope the guys can take it! If not, and if Kara doesn't work it out, send her to me! Oh and the up your ass thing? Birdie is here with us for a while with her dog, Strider. He is about 50 pounds (and sheds and I hate that cause Tucker doesn't and I didn't want a shedding dog but what do you tell you own kid, right?) and he is just the right height that, when Birdie stops suddenly, Strider's nose goes right up her butt. It's so me. LOL

  2. She's beautiful! I'm looking forward to the 52 commands... (can you make one of them "crack me a beer?")