Friday, August 24, 2012

friday five

It's a little after noon, a good time for a five minute purge I guess.

The cleaning lady was here yesterday and damn, how is it that it already it looks messy-ish?  My kids don't start school for two more weeks, and I am looking forward to not feeling like I am picking up the same area 27 times a day.  Every single day, my son Alex will get a cup out, get himself some water, then leave the glass on some surface in the kitchen/great room area.  Then he gets annoyed when, in the process of moving around during the day, I put the cup in the sink or dishwasher.  I'm thinking he believes that we should leave the cup in a random spot for the entire day so that he can refill it as needed.

But I don't like random cups around all day.  Is that weird?  Maybe it's me.  It's probably weird. ::sigh::

You know what else is weird?  I hate having to say "my son" or "my husband" Alex when I am talking about them on my blog.  I know that I need to differentiate, but it's annoying.  When I talk about my son Alex to friends or at home, I call him Little Alex.  Except the problem is, he's big now.  He's taller than his Dad and taller than me.  Everyone used to call him baby Alex. Aw.

Sometimes I wish I could go back for just one day, with my kids being little babies or toddlers.  I think during the moments when you have a few little kids, life seems hectic and busy and rushed and stressy, and you tend to get through the days more than just enjoy them.  I wish I could have a day to just sit there and watch them discovering things and making their way, and enjoy them.

Good thing time's up, because I may or may not need to go get a tissue.  What?  It's just dust.  I have a little dust in my eye...

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