Friday, October 24, 2014

you googled that? really? v3

Monkey grabbing boob - This baffles me.  Why do you want to see this?  And what makes you think you'll find that image on my boring little mom-blog?

Beard sexy guy - Don't get me wrong, I'll search up a sexy bearded guy like nobody's business, because, obviously.  But, why here?

Throw up in mouth a little - I always wonder what is going on in someone's mind when they search something, like, did this person just throw up in their mouth a little and they wanted to see what was happening?

WTF Batman - Hm.  I say this occasionally.  I guess?

Parents who swear at their kids - Jeez, I don't do this.  I don't swear in front of my kids, or at them.  Some people think I'm judgey when I say that, and maybe I am a tiny bit.  But only inwardly judgey, probably.  

Boy blowing - Welp.  One could take this is many ways.  I'm going to choose to think the searcher was referring to gum.  Boy blowing gum bubbles.  Because come on.

Fucking Christmas miracle - I did say fucking Christmas miracle more than once.  Sorry.

Jesse Williams is hot - I conCUR. 

Do cats have boobs - What in the world?  But then again, do they Focker?

Brick laughing - If you aren't an Anchorman fan, this might seem like, weird.

Guns and Roses and sex - I'm assuming this is somehow in reference to the band Guns 'n Roses.  Because otherwise, that's just scary or something.

Sexy super model camel toe - You guys are gross.

Camel toe - And again, really?

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