Wednesday, October 15, 2014

for the love of all things holy, could somebody please build me a treehouse?

Have you ever seen an adult treehouse?

Not like, an adult adult treehouse.  Nothing porny.  Just everything filled with awesomeness.  Like my own private little treehouse in the woods or something.  It needs to be fully functional.  Because I am not a huge fan of going to the bathroom outside, and chances are, I'll want to stay in my treehouse for a long enough time that I'll have to go to the bathroom.

I mean, we all know that I have an amazing bladder, but I plan on spending a lot of time in that treehouse.  So a bathroom would be great.  Also, a big cozy bed with fluffy white bedding and great pillows.  I plan on spending a lot of my time in the big cozy bed.  Again, nothing porny.  Just cozy.  And I will watch movies and read and listen to tunes and eat candy in that amazing thing.  And you know, not exactly rule out porny.  Because come on guys.  You have to admit that my treehouse would be far too awesome to not take advantage of my amazing cozy bed, pornically speaking.

That's a made up word right there.  But I think it works.

So um, anyone want to build me one of those?

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