Tuesday, October 21, 2014

oh, i forgot!

Oh I have totally forgotten to post a few things that I meant to post!  Like, how I was offered a hit off  of a joint the other night walking to my car after a freaking rad show that I went to see.  Can you believe I did not partake??  I know!  Me neither! I may or may not have seriously hesitated.  Of course I didn't hesitate! Did I ever mention that my kids could read this from time to time?

Also, how I accidentally tried lamb and maybe kind of liked it!  I know!!  Gross, right?  I ordered this gyro, and who knew it had lamb in it.  Apparently it did.  Which I found out after eating it and maybe kinda of liking it.

And how my sister and I got in a text fight and didn't talk for two weeks and one day.  I know!  Shocking!  We never fight - we are both fairly passive.  I can't even think about the last time we actually had a fight.  Text fights can get a little fresh, too.  I think it's the whole, "I'm not looking at your face while I tell you you're a jerk" thing.  Anyway, I think it's over.  Which is good.  Because she has cancer.  I'm sure there is something in the rule book that says you can't have a two week and one day fight with your sister who has cancer probably, right?

Which leads me to, oh yeah!  I forgot to mention my sister has cancer.  And her husband too. They actually got diagnosed within a few weeks of each other.  Crazy and scary and ugh.  They are both doing really well though, both making their way through it in good spirits.  T-bone finished up his chemo, and Ali is about to start her radiation, so, there was that.

So there's more I'm sure.  I will get to it all at some point... I'm back in it to win it.

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