Friday, October 17, 2014

wtf Wednesday, on a FRIDAY!

Is there a meme out there for WTF Wednesday?  If not, there totally should be, don't you think?  And I could be persuaded to make one.

And by the by, is meme pronounced "me me?"  Or "mem?"  Maybe "meem?" Mémé - like we are Fronch?  How the eff do you pronounce it?  I cannot be the only person who struggles with that.  Meme is a stupid word anyway.

I hate messing up pronunciations.  Once I said Bon Iver wrong, like "Bon Eye-ver," and someone was like, "uh, you do know that it's 'Bon E vare,' right?"  I was like, oh.  And then I felt like a dumbass.

Another time, when I was just learning about Quinoa, I asked a guy at this pretentious health food store if he knew where I could find "Kee-know-a," because jeez, that's kind of how it looks like you should pronounce it.  And he was all, "Oh, I've never heard of that before."  Like a jerk.  Then he goes, "Ohhh... you mean 'Keen-wa?'  Sure, it's right over here."  And in my head I was like, fuck you, ass.

That's my worst thing, feeling like a dumbass.

On another note, I feel very discombobulated because I accidentally put a lotion on that kind of has a fragrance that is overpowering and it is totally stuck in my nose holes and I don't even smell like myself.  Seriously.  WTF, Wednesday.   Even though it's Friday. I might need a re-shower.  

And just an observation.  Did you ever notice that there are no black emojis?  Like, why is that?  I think there's the Indian guy with the turban, but besides that, I have not seen one black emoji.  I wonder why.

Also, I am trying to reset my metabolism.  So far I think it might be working.  I'll keep you posted.  Later bloggers!

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