Friday, April 8, 2016

This TGIF sucks!

So I was happily sleeping away this morning, dreaming about something rather inappropriate actually, and Brooke comes in to tell me that she texted me a poem.

The poem was about why she should stay home from school.

The poem:

Hey mother,
Do I have to go to school
Because I look like a fool.

And my nose 
works like a hose.

And I can't do anything above my neck,
So give me a sec,

Because that is a problem,
and usually I could solve 'um

Just not today.

So what do you say?
Wait I know what you would say, 
"give it a try"
But this time I would rather die!

Welp.  Good morning to me!  All week Brooke has been attempting to get out of school because she has a cold. Earlier in the week, she did have a fever, so I let her stay home because of course she was legit sick. Unfortunately she had some state testing this week, so I pretty much had to send her after that. Her fever was gone and she was still stuffy, but she was ok enough to go in my opinion. I even let her come home one of the days after the test just to rest up.

Her big issue is with her runny nose, mostly because she is embarrassed to blow her nose at school.  Also because with a runny nose, she has a little bit of redness from all of the nose blowing.  She is very concerned that people might notice the redness. God forbid she goes to school with a pink runny nose. Apparently, that's a nightmare in 5th grade.

So there was a lot of additional snffling and silent tears because she was trying to convince me for a bit.

Then, just to make the morning even MORE fun, Megan came in all blah and said she had a sore throat, hoping I would suggest that SHE stay home from school.


I sent them both to school like a mean mom.

I did appreciate Brooke's poem though.

Now I'm kind of cranky, feeling like TGIF sucks. Also, it's grey out and my dog keeps looking at me like I'm not a very great pet owner beacuse I'm not playing with her. But we all know that I'm not a great player!!  I never claimed to be a great player. Also, it's very disappointing that I'm not rich because I found a really great kitchen makeover that has easily got to be 50 grand, which I refuse to spend on a house in my area. The housing market here is always so iffy... there's no way I'd get that money back around here. 

All and all, it's looking like a pretty sucky day.  Damn it.

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