Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I really wanted her to love Lloyd Dobler

I love forcing my kids to watch old 80's movies with me. I really just want them to love the movies as much as I did when I was growing up.

OK, honestly, I don't have to force them that hard. They have liked everything I've made them watch so far, except Heathers. They didn't get it. In their defense, it is a pretty freaking weird movie. Weirdly AWESOME, that is. Though rather violent...

Anyway, I love Lloyd Dobler, he was always my favorite. I was trying so hard to find Say Anything the other day so I could show my kids how great it was. I really wanted Megan to love Lloyd Dobler as much as I do. I was so mad because I couldn't find it on any of the movie things! Nexflix, Hulu, iTunes - it was nowhere to be found! Isn't that ridiculous?

Speaking of 80's movie crushes, I also love(d) Duckie.  I so would have picked him if I were Andi (the girl in Pretty in Pink).  I know not everyone is with me on that, but it's no secret that I've always been into the quirky guys. I always thought he was so cute.  My absolute favorite part of that movie is when Duckie comes sliding into the music store and starts lip syncing Try a Little Tenderness. Aw. Everytime I watch that clip it makes me miss the 80's. Except the heavily hair sprayed hair for girls part. That look never really worked for me.

Back to Lloyd Dobler.  Seriously. What girl would be able to resist that cutie? You know, the whole boombox, professing your love, sweet adorable guy in a trench coat thing? Who could resist that?? 

Ah the 80's...  if we're talking about movies that made the whole decade (actually we might have been talking about boys, but that's neither here nor there) (BTW, I've never said 'that's neither here nor there' in my life), we'd have to throw in the Breakfast Club. I so love that movie. To this day I will watch it any time it comes on. Though I have to admit, I was never a fan of Judd Nelson. He has really big nose holes and they always sort of scared me. I do think he's a good actor though.

Speaking of the Breakfast Club, I just saw Anthony Michael Hall in a commercial for cell phones or something. Did you guys see that? He looked like a grown man. Which I suppose is normal, when you're in your 40's or something. But still, it's hard to not think of him as his nerdy teenaged self.

Oh yeah, Sixteen Candles!  Back in the day when there was no google, I remember trying to figure out who Jake Ryan was in real life.  Where the heck was the information highway when I needed it??  What an attractive guy. What a great movie.  Take note, if you're watching the movie with your kids, there is straight-up nakedness in there that I completely forgot about. I was reminded when I saw a very naked shower scene while I was watching the movie with two little girls on the couch beside me. So that was a shocking turn of events. Anyway, remember The Donger?  Hahaha.  I admit freely that I still quote that movie, and it came out like, forever ago.

Back to the Future, The Goonies, Footloose, Better Off Dead, The Karate Kid, Ferris Bueller, Dirty Dancing...  I'm not sure if this generation of kids is going to have such a group of defining movies to look back on when that grow up. Which is exactly why I try to bribe my kids into watching 80's movies with me every so often. 

I strongly believe that it's my duty as a parent to expose my kids to such greatness. What movies do you watch with your kids?

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