Thursday, March 6, 2014


So my son got his driver's license today.  He is so happy, he makes me smile.  The instructor guy let me ride along, but he told me that I wasn't allowed to speak.  I was like, well, OK!  I can do that!  I really had just told Alex that I wished I could be a fly on the wall.  He gets so nervous about certain things.

He's actually a great driver, but the instructor guy was so like, in his face!  I was surprised at how much the guy talked!  He did not shut his trap the entire time, and I could see him getting Alex all flustered.  I just wanted to say, "just hush up buddy, let him do his thing!"  But I was banished to the back seat with a piece of imaginary tape over my mouth.  I was pretty sure the guy was going to fail him because he was just so critical, but then we pulled back into the parking lot and he was like, "Congratulations, you are a licensed driver!"

My little buddy's smile was so big and cute.  Then he got all cocky and thought he was all that for a few minutes.  When I told him to settle down, he said, "Mom! I am a licensed driver!"

I love him.

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