Monday, March 3, 2014

hey. listen.

I'm a pretty self reflective person.  I try not to regret too much though, because I really feel like all of my life experiences, good and bad, will bring me to where I am supposed to be.  Being a teen-ager is so angsty though... I often wish I could go back with some of the wisdom I have as a grown up to tell myself to chill out and relax and just have fun.  The question is, would I have listened?
   10 Things I would tell my teen-aged self...

1.  You are smart and capable - work harder in school.  It's totally worth it.

2.  Spend more time with girlfriends and focus more on building and solidifying those relationships.

3.  Spend more quality time with family.  These people will be with you forever.  Value them.

4.  You have plenty of time to grow up - slow down, stop wishing the days away, and enjoy being a teenager!

5.  Stop being so resistant to criticism.  Pay attention, listen and process.

6.  Stop worrying so much about boys.  And stop worrying so much about gossip and mean girls.  You know who you are.

7.  You are a very lucky girl.  Be appreciative. 

8.  Stop being so mean to yourself.  Be kind.  You are worthy.

9.  Be more open, be less guarded.  Be less wary of people who just want to know you.

10.  It gets easier.  You are going to be OK.

If you could go back, what would you say to you?


  1. Your kids are beautiful! Just looking at their pics on your sidebar. Love your list. I like your No. 5 - I am still working on taking criticism. It's a tough thing to do, but obviously something we all need to handle in many different areas of our lives.

    1. Thanks Kerry :) I feel pretty lucky to have such great kids! Yes, I still struggle with that myself... a work in progress I guess! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Wow - there seems to be a theme of mean girls. I encountered this in middle school pretty bad and then I didn't really experience this again. Makes me grateful since it seems to be so prevalent! Love your list, especially #8!!

    1. I noticed that too, in reading other people's lists... I guess some things don't really ever change! I was lucky not to have had too much trouble, but still, the little bit I dealt with had a profound impact. Thanks for reading :)

  3. I would have actually made an effort in school....

    1. Me too Robbie - I definitely regret being so lazy about grades.