Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's basically a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

So I lost my em effing fitbit.  Normally I would swear like a mother fucker about that, but I'm not feeling it today.  Also, Brooke is around.  I gotta watch my mouth, you know?

So yeah, I lost that little piece of awesomeness and I am PISSED.  Because you know what?  All of my steps that I took after the losing of the fitbit aren't recorded!  And it looks like I had a shitty day of footsteps, when in reality, I probably walked close to my goal!  That is so annoying to me.  Also, it's like I flushed a hundred bucks down the crapper.  And I have cart my ass to Dick's to get a new one.  I said dicks.  ::snicker::

So damn.  Now over half of yesterday and most of today, every single footstep is pointless.  grr.  And I have a cold.  grr.  And it' a half day at school, which puts a cramp in my alone time.  grr.  And the cleaning lady is here so I have to make myself scarce all damn day.  grr.  And I have to pack because I am going to go to Florida in the morning.  grr.  And I have to go to Brooke's conference, and what if I run into people I don't want to see and feel like I have to talk while I look gross.  grr.  And I accidentally deleted my favorite spotify playlist a week or two ago and I can't remember all of the songs and I really wish I had that playlist back.  grr.  And I promised I'd take Megan to see Divergent as soon as it came out which means I have to go tonight at 8 pm when I am sick and not packed and I won't be home til kinda late when I should be going to bed early because I have to get up early in the morning for my flight.  double grr.

So basically, it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Alright, alright, FINE.  I'm turning my frown upside down.  I am taking every stupid negative and somehow turning it positive.  Because that's how I roll.  It's pointless to be all cranky.  

Lost fitbit, pointless footsteps.  On the plus side, I haven't had very many footsteps anyway, because I missed the gym yesterday because I was super busy and not feeling well.  So that means I have a great excuse for sucky footsteps!

I have a dumb cold.  That also means I have a great excuse for not getting a lot of footsteps!  And also maybe eating candy because everyone knows it makes you happy to eat candy when you are sick.

It's a half day at school.  That means my little pumpkin is kicking around and I get to hear her cute little voice and see her cute little face more than usual, and I will miss that stuff when I am in Florida.

The cleaning lady is here.  That means, yay!  Somebody else will dust and change sheets and vacuum!  And my house smells great!  WooHOO!

I have to pack because I am going to Florida in the morning.  That means, YAY!  Warm!  Sun!  Visiting with my parents!  Relaxing!  TOMORROW!

I have to go to Brooke's conference.  That means I get to hear how well my little goosie is doing in school.

I accidentally deleted my favorite spotify playlist.  Well.  Wah.  I'm still very sad about that.  But, I suppose on the plus side, it has forced me to find more awesome music to organize into cool playlists.

I'm going to see Divergent tonight.  That means I get a couple of hours to hang with my middle kid Meggo and I know she's really excited, so it makes me happy that she will be happy.

Well gosh.  That actually kind of worked.  I actually feel a little less cranky.  And guess what?  I got a new car yesterday!  So that is definitely a happy thing.  Maybe I will try to remember to post the new car details in the next day or two.  If you are interested.  And you know, if you're not interested, just click away.  OK?


  1. A trip to Florida would certainly make me feel better myself, especially with the winter we've had. Have a great trip.

    1. :) Thanks!! It was a really nice get-away... got to do some swimming and sunning and boating. Felt like summer!

  2. Hahahaha!!! I love it! This all sounds like a Sherri thought rolled into one. Isn't it crazy how steps "don't count" when you aren't wearing your Fitbit? The crazy little device has taken over our souls!!!

    1. LOL, for sure Sherri! It bugs me when I have to take it off to shower! :)