Tuesday, March 18, 2014

paul blart, mall cop - top 3 worthy?

You know, I am not always attracted to the traditional hot guy.  9 times out of 10, I am attracted to other things before looks.

This simple fact, the fact that I am so not shallow, has been fodder for my sisters since I was a teen-ager.  The fact that I preferred Cameron Frye over Ferris Bueller, or would have gone out with Duckie way before I'd have even glanced at Blane or Steff - they never got that.  

They found reasons to make fun of pretty much every guy I went out with.  Eff them though, those jerks!  Every time I went for the traditionally hot guy, I ended up bored out of my skull.  I can remember one time this guy who was considered the catch of the school put the moves on me and I was all like, um no.  I was positive that he was way too good looking to be equally as nice.   He actually was a really nice guy, even though he was hot.  That may have been a poor judgement call.  He's still rather attractive.  I see him around town occasionally.  I wonder if I would have liked him if I gave him a chance.  Ah well, hindsight...

Anyway, my point is, my friend Jackie has Paul Blart, Mall Cop in her top 3.   When my sister Ali threw that out there, I had to text her for verification.  Even I was a little surprised at that.  I got made fun of by my jerk sisters and their husbands for having Dave Matthews in my top 5.  Even though he's not in my top five anymore, I will always think he's cute and free-kiss worthy.  AND, he wasn't replaced because I caved in to their shallow meanie-ness, but only because it was time to move on after 10 years or so.  Sometimes you have to switch it up.  I'm not very fickle, obviously.  He was on my list for a long time!  I'll share my latest top 5 in another post.  I know you are all on the edge of your seats.

So I saw Jackie this weekend and she explained that it was his humor that she found so attractive.  I totally get that.  Humor is one of my very favorite qualities in a guy.  If you can make me laugh, you get lots of points.  Anyway, I went home and googled him to see if I thought he could be all that, because I could only picture his character in Mall Cop.  Not that I ever watched that movie.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  When he is less Paul Blart (a character), and more like Kevin James (his real self), he is definitely more attractive.  I don't think I'm into the whole porn-stache thing.  I kinda love a nice soft beard, but really do not dig a plain old hipster moustache.  

Who is in your top 3?


  1. Ryan Phillipe
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Adam Levine

    1. Hmmm, good list. Some top notch choices right there! I so love Adam's sleeves. His tatts are hot.