Thursday, April 3, 2014

more words that blogger doesn't recognize v2

A while back I posted a bunch of words that that asshole blogger spellcheck doesn't recognize as words.  Of course I continue to add to the list as I come across other non-word words, because obviously.

Shitstorm -- I'm not questioning that blogger spellcheck tries to make this two words instead of a compound word - just questioning that it suggests I type the word "shortstop" instead.

Facebook -- That's just silly.  Facebook is as common as "and."  Pretty much everyone in the free world uses it.  And probably aliens too.  It's that cool, apparently.

Defriended - This goes along with the Facebook issue, of course.

Friended - and again with the Facebook.

Doozie -- Come on, really?  Everyone knows that was a doozie.

TMI - Acronyms are the future!  Get with the program, blogger.

Texting -  Testing?  Exiting?  Both words that blogger things I should change "texting" to.  Pretty sure "texting" has been going on for at least a decade now...

LOL - lolz?  Laughing.  Out loud even.  It's textese... let's go Blogger.

Textese - grr, blogger spellcheck is stressing me out.

Doofus - I'm positive doofus is a word.  I used to use it all the time.  In junior high.

PDA - Another great acronym that we all should be aware of.  Public Display of Affection.  We weren't allowed in high school or Mrs. Scott would smack us away from each other with a ruler.  No kissing in the halls!

Stalkable and stalkerish - In reference to stalkers.  Like, she's so stalkable, and he is so stalkerish?  Totally words.

wtf - Really?  WTF Blogger.

Scaredy - as in cat?

Skanky - as in ho?

Sucky - come on!


  1. Sheesh - even an old guy like me knows those are words. And what do you know,,, sheesh... is flagged.

    1. See that??! That may have been on one of my old lists. Grr