Friday, April 4, 2014

five favorites food type things

Maybe on Fridays I will do a list of five.  Five whatevers.  I'll need suggestions.  But since I am currently thinking about food, and wishing I could just have a handful of powerberries, I will do a list about my five favorite food type things.  

I did mention that I am a list-aholic, right?  I love lists.  Sorry.  I should start a List Lovers Annoymous.  Wanna join?

1. Avocado.  Honestly, I could eat an entire avocado every day with no problem whatsoever.  

2. Goat cheese.  I really love cheese.  I'm a cheese fan.  But something about goat cheese just makes me so happy.  I have this little kit to make my own.  It's really good with so many things...

3. Butter Crunch.  This is newly discovered, and GD amazing.  I'm in freaking love.  I basically need a heaping spoonful of this to make me happy.  It's like Paxil!!  In a jar!

4. Powerberries.  Ok, these are awesome.  And addictive.  In order to not overeat these, I have to pour myself 1/4 cup in a bowl, and just take my time savoring each little piece of chocolately goodness. 

5. Dunkin' Donuts Hot Cocoa.  In a k-cup, particularly.  So good.  Nothing compares at this point.  Apparently, their K-Cups are seasonal??  Who knew??  When I found out, I drove to as many Dunkins as I could to stock up.  I am down to my last few and I am so sad.  Wah.